Happy cute kid playing in the treehouse

The treehouse is a magical symbol of childhood.

A treehouse can be built from whatever resources are available. It could be a plank of wood across a large branch, an area of swept dirt underneath a weeping tree, or an elaborate construction with a tin roof and shutters. It can be organic and chaotic, or structured and intentional. Each treehouse is unique, and can grow and change with the child- a new shelf, a new colour, an extra room.


It doesn't matter what a treehouse looks like or what it is made from. No two are alike, but they all do what they are intended- to enrich a child's life and provide a sense of adventure and delight. A place to play and belong. 

Every child has different resources they can use to build. We draw on their strengths and abilities. We build together with the child, led by their dreams and creativity. We call on help from other people or equipment for the tricky bits when we need to. We problem solve. We play. We work hard with them, celebrate when it works and cry with them when it doesn't.  

At Treehouse Paediatrics, we understand and respect each child and family's journey is unique. We are here to build with you.