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At Treehouse Paediatrics we can visit your child in your home or in the community setting of your choice- park, swimming pool or childcare/kinder. Seeing your child in their natural familiar environments helps them to feel safe and practice new skills in the environments they will be using them. 

We also have welcoming and comfortable clinic spaces for in-rooms appointments.

We provide evidence based, high quality supports for a wide range of conditions or neurotypes using a family centred, strengths based approach. We draw on your child's strengths and interests to get the most out of our time together. We are neurodiversity affirming in our practice. 


Please understand we do currently have a waiting list for some services. 


In addition to providing therapeutic supports, we can offer the following  assessments: 

- Speech and language assessment and report (CELF-5 or CELF-P3)

- Feeding assessment

- Literacy assessment

- Allied Health assessments to inform autism diagnosis

- Sensory Profile and report (Sensory Profile 2)

- Standardised gross and fine motor assessments (BOT-2)

- Hammersmith Infant Neurological Assessment

- Infant gross motor/developmental assessment 

- Functional Capacity Assessments 

- Bayley 4 Developmental Assessment


For information regarding assessments and general pricing, please give us a call! 

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